Appleby Window Systems: Enhancement Requests

New Software and Features

If you have recommendations about new software applications or features, please contact your supervisor and ask them to relay your suggestions to the MIS department.

If you are a supervisor, please send an email or otherwise contact the MIS department with a description of your needs.  Note that many priorities are constantly changing in the MIS department, in an effort to serve the needs of Appleby Window Systems.  If you believe a higher priority is due to your requests than we are able to promise you, please contact the Company President, or Director of Operations.

Error and Defect Resolution

If you have identified any errors in Appleby’s software, database, automated operations, network, or system security, please notify the MIS department directly ASAP.  Allowing defects to continue unreported could result in residual errors, such as data corruption, that are more difficult to remedy than the original problem.  Again, you are welcome to email Appleby’s Developer or Technical Support.  Our company phone extensions are x130 and x131 respectively.

Problematic Hardware or Connectivity Issues

Problems with hardware or network/internet connections, including the sending and receiving of email, should be reported to Technical Support.  Be sure to specify when the problem started, whether your device/software formerly worked as it was intended, and any clues you have about what led to the change.